ZER0 sounds so much differant in TFTBs haha/ who else cringed about his voice?

In borderlands 2 it sounds like hes hit puberty then on TFTBs he sounds like he hasent hit puberty lmao
sorry if this is very unrealted but it was too funny not to post
have a great day, Kiddo!

changed the voice actor

ohh thats whyy…Thanks! I think BLs 2 voice actor was just too cool for TFTBs lmao

I cringed every time he spoke with that horrendous voice.

I know haha me to lmao

They didn’t filter his voice properly
The voice you heard is Mike Turner without the deep filter on his voice. Same actor, but with lack of proper editing on his voice. He’s supposed to have the “digital/speaker” filter and the deeper filter thing

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ahh ok thanks! ;D