Zer0's love life

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If you remember during the pumpkin dlc of Borderlands 2, each Hunter head customization was their head open revealing a skull. Except for Zer0, who was just what looked like a camera on a ball. And of course the less digits on the hands. We know he isn’t human, but maybe he was created by someone (something of a different species).

Feel like somewhere between the end of commander Lilith and Borderlands 3, FL4K might of run into Zer0 at some point since it was a 7 year gap. And FL4K was wondering around a lot.

Also, we just know that 0N3 (I’m calling them like this) is like Zer0s nemesis or something. So maybe they have similar backgrounds (upbringing) but Zer0 came out as a better Assassin. Won’t know for sure unless it is further explained in lore.


@G1R That was the one from Mad Moxxis Wedding Day Massacre and the name of that head is “Not Can0n” :upside_down_face:

Edit: What’s weird is that Katagawa Jr. has “Mali0-13” written on his neck, which is L33t for Malione right? But he can impossible be the same as One from Son of Crawmerax.

And I know it sounds like Maliwan.

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well as interplanetary ninja assassin clap trap said, he’d grown beyond his “programming” because he wasn’t “programmed” to use “excessive air quotes”. i mean that is some pretty decent individuality that the developed there.

so it’s not a leap for Hyperion bots to have an inherent tendency to develop elaborate personalities that they weren’t intended to have, including a decent amount that have developed sentience.


I think it’s interesting that ‘she’ refers to a love life. But what about this :

‘She’ could be referring to the creator of Zer0 - if he is indeed a creation and not a living thing, similar to Fl4k. And that ‘she’ could be someone who is now working for Maliwan or had worked for Maliwan in the past.

It would be a good explanation of how well the tech was copied rather than some girl hooking up with him and being able to figure out how it works. But a creator would definitely have that kind of knowledge.

Food for thought :slight_smile:

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Boo hiss. While this might be a logical conclusion, it lacks the snarky gossip factor we all want!

Considering it more deeply though, there’s a long time (at least 8 BL universe years, likely much more ) between her building Zer0s suit and the suit that Kawagonnabunga was wearing. And the suit K was wearing shows and demonstrates little advancement in those 8 years, it seems like a simple clone of Zer0s garb.
But yeah, I can accept that as a 20% probability .

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Dr. Halsey. HALO-BL crossover confirmed.


Zer0 ponders over the the topic. He wonders why ppl are amazed by his hands (who needs a pinky)

That doesn’t mean he is not a human, just that…well, he doesn’t have a pinky. May be a birth defect, or maybe he has artificial limbs and couldn’t afford pinkies, who knows.

BTW. Fun fact: Katagawa in “Zer0 suit” also has 4 fingers.


as far as the birth defect idea regarding Zer0 for lacking fingers makes sense the borderlands are filled with midgets with long limbs, and giant men with a stubby little arm. it’s not a big leap for missing just a couple fingers, especially for a swordsman. he might have had to cut off his own fingers to complete his training, or lost them in a fight. Zer0 definitely COULD be human. his broken helmet head is labeled Not Can0n because it literally isn’t cannon.

anyway my point is we don’t have any real confirmation that Zer0 isn’t human.

The creator maybe had done it especially for him. His lack of pinky fingers could have been that he was involved in a major accident that took away most of his limbs. So a body was built for him - the suit.

And just because Katagawa has the same sit doesn’t mean it was given to him. He could have stolen the plans and just used it for himself.

Just lots of possibilities. I personally find the ‘love interest’ quite boring and find the possibility of learning more of Zeros past and function.

Also there were some upgrades to the suit. As far as I’m aware, Zer0 can only make one copy of himself. Katagawa made multiple copies of himself.

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well Katagawa’s duplicate wasn’t exact. it just needed to be visually congruent to Zer0’s suit, but flying Maliwan colors. also he didn’t know how the suit worked, clearly because after sustaining damage his suit freaks out, teleporting him around and finally exploding him.

also him exploding is likely cannon as lilith explains the the final boss turning to dust is actually what happened to the corpse.


You are all right that this isn’t a confirmation that Zer0 is 100% not human, it might be part of some crazy initiation ritual or something. He’s just one giant enigma. But this is actually the first time I ever saw people “defend” the idea that he’s human. My favourite theory is that he is an Eridian, although at this time in the series that is highly unlikely. OT: I still want an Eridian/Guardian Vault Hunter so badly.

Before I continue let me say that I don’t want to “correct” anybody I’m simply a massive lore freak and can’t contain from spreading it. So thanks for your understanding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

These aren’t birth defects but consequences from being around the first Vault Key that was found in the Headstone Mine which not only made the convicts go crazy (Psychos) but also had many suffer from ensuing mutations. Given that Zer0 doesn’t originates from Pandora there probably isn’t a correlation here, which isn’t to say that Zer0s missing fingers/toes aren’t birth defects.


ok fair enough, I didn’t remember that from the Headstone Mine vault key, but there are waaaaay too many enemies that are abnormal for defects not to be typical in the universe.
and Zer0’s origins are unknown, it’s actually never been explicitly stated that he doesn’t originate from Pandora, simply that he travels to Pandora to hunt the Vault on account of hearing a story about it from a bartender. (though in BL1 basically everyone on Pandora knows stories of the Vault, so him originating from Pandora and not knowing of the Vault before traveling there in BL2 is very unlikely). Promethea is the most technologically advanced planet in that particular part of the Six Galaxies (according to Clap trap’s intel on the planet). so Promethea would be a decent guess at his planet of origin, but again the “very first vault was found there”. So not knowing of it and being from Promethea is unlikely. (sorry this is trailing just line of thoughts from me)

oh a bit more, Angel doesn’t know if Zer0 is human, so that would rule out Hyperion from having involvement in his origin or knowledge of his origin.


so the only known romantic interest for Zer0 is Lorelai which is suggested in an echo log inside the garage that you hi jack a Maliwan shuttle using the Viper Drive by Atlas. in that echo Zer0 is at a loss for haiku when he meets Lorelai, and them spending time together is also suggested by a doodle during the end credits where it appears Lorelai is downing Zer0’s coffee.

Zero’s probably a Truxican.

Also Katagawa had a lot of improvements, such as multiple clones that could fight and teleport-dashing.

Also it’s a common ceremony to mutilate or brand ones body as a sign of adherence. There’s many reasons it might be done, and if so from a very young age, they might not understand why others find it odd.

There’s also the whole binding appendages thing found in Asian countries.

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Just occurred to me that both Zero and Rhys are into Lorelei (as evidenced by this thread and the ECHO log of Rhys ordering coffee).

I wonder if GB is setting up a “two bros going for the same person” story/twist.

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Nah, Rhys is pretty clearly still hung up on Sasha. There’s some dialog if you talk to him where he mentions being in love and he has her picture on his desk.

Some people think she’s mentioned in one of his ECHO logs too, but I think it’s more likely that refers to Fiona disappearing in the Vault of the Traveler.


You make a good point there. It’s been a while since I’ve gone through TFTBL.

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