Zero anti cheat?

Does this game use VAC? No
Does this game use any third-party anti cheat software at all? No
Does this game use proprietary anti cheat software? No
Are the developers collecting statistics? Don’t know.
Has anyone been banned yet? No(there have been paid hacks available since closed beta)
Can you attach a debugger to the game without a problem? Yes.
Does this game have sensitive game data client side? Yes. Teleport and recoil/no spread and other things are handled client-side and can be manipulated.

Can you change gravity by editing the ini file? Yes

Correct me if you have proof of any of the things I said being incorrect.

The game really needs VAC and reporting system.

What does changing the gravity value do? You can jump higher than others in PvP when lowering it?

He maybe saw someone use a cheat that make him able to fly or something.

can some one explain VAC im hearing it tossed around but never heard of it till now

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Valve’s Anti Cheat system. It’s apart of Steam.

I’m kind of glad I got this on PS4 now.