ZerO Build Feedback

Hello! Trying out Zer0 and wanted to get some feedback on my sniper build. Been looking through the various guides to, well, guide me in the right direction for a proper sniper build.

Here’s my lvl breakdown so far:


Any and all feedback is most appreciated.

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Overall looks like a nice plan. I’ll throw something here.

Left tree:
Kill confirmed is not an overly good skill because of how it functions. It’s not horribad but not really 5/5 material especially while One shot One kill is untouched (a good skill). At one with the gun is not a necessity I guess, but I always max it: less reloading and faster reloading is always good and the hip-aim bonus is a godsend for my run and gun style. I recently tried to go for a while without it but the speedy centering of the hipfire drew me right back. Velocity is good but only if you don’t use weapons that gets negatively affected by bullet speed which some red text guns do. You’ll probably want One shot, One kill at some point as a sniper because you can take advantage of that hefty bonus while using your action skill and in regular gameplay it funcions nicely with all the reload action from Fast hands, At one with the gun and Killer.

Middle tree:
That’s how my middle tree looks :smiley:

Right tree:
I’d say go full Killing blow or full Iron Fist. Killing blow is nice but doesn’t really do much unless you max it out. If you don’t want to max it out just fill Iron Fist instead. Grim is something you might want to reach a little earlier. Not necessarily but it does give you more survivability and more action skill (defence and offence) while leveling in UVHM. You might want to sneak in a point into execute because it can also be used as a movement option and it’s a really fun skill. Also the knockback can set up crits and rarely even Bore-shots.

I don’t want to shoehorn my way in so I’ll just leave it at that but if you want more indepth help just holler.


This was very helpful! Thank you :slight_smile: Deff open to more advice from you if you wanna provide anything else. I like sneaking and sniping so to speak as far as a play style goes.

Well, here’s something more then.

Remember that you can always respec your skill points and it’s really cheap so if you want to try something different at any point, nothing’s holding you back from doing so.

Unforeseen does borderline broken damage on NVHM and TVHM. When you get more points into it it’s a comparable to shooting your enemy with a rocket launcher. It’s particularly great when venturing into Stalker territory. You seem to be getting it at the end of NVHM / start of TVHM which is nice.

Same could be said for Death Blossom. On UVHM it’s used for it’s Death Mark debuff but on NVHM and TVHM it tends to just outright kill whatever you are throwing the knives at. I think you have it at 42 which is also good.

I just realized your plan goes up to 73? The old level cap is 72 and the new DLC just now raised it to 80. Not there’s a reason to think that far at this point and as mentioned you can always respec. Just a random observation.

Sneaking and sniping eh? I take it you too like stealth games then? On NVHM and to an extent TVHM you can pretty much just pick up some good sniper rifle and it will one shot regular mobs on crits. Remember to use your Death blossom deathmark to tag multiple enemies when using it to guarantee some easy kills. On UVHM you want to start throwing slag in there too but it’s not a bad idea to get into the habit even on lower difficulties. The level of your slag gun doesn’t necessarily matter much. As long as it has a good slag chance you can slot it in or keep it in your backpack for when you want it.

If you find a good blue version of the following COMs those are something you probably might end up holding onto until you get either a better blue or a legendary COM.

Killer (ambush + killer, no fearless)
Professional (ambush + killer, no two fang)
Sniper (OSOK and headshot, no precision)
Spy (unforeseen and ambush, no velocity)
maybe even Survivor (ambush and rising shot, no resurgence)

If you want a legendary Hunter at some point you can kinda easily get it by farming the Mercenary Day headhunter. I’d suggest doing that after completing TVHM story. Either you can farm on TVHM which is easier and the DLC scales to 50 after main camaign completion or you can jump to UVHM and do it there. It’s a bit harder but you’ll also gain good exp for every kill and if you gain a level the gear from the farm will level up with you so you won’t run into a situation where the enemies outlevel your gear. I tend to visit this place a few times every now and then while leveling up in UVHM to pick up some on-level gear.

If you have some trouble feel free to ask on the forums. People will be glad to help.

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Thanks! What system do you play on?

PC in Europe. There’s an online section for each platform here on the forums if you want to look for online players.

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