Zero builds and good gear

Does anyone know any good lvl 50 zero builds to help with uvhm

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Dropping this here to see this for myself, I have a level 50 Zer0 ready for starting UVHM. The good folks here will come up with something and then I can steal it :smiley:


Probably something in this thread that you can base a level 50 build off:

I’d suggest a gun-melee hybrid build, rather than all-out melee or sniper, mostly because getting through to level 60+ can be a pain otherwise. (My particular issue was Piston’s !@#$%^& blimp.)


I’ve been playing a gun-melee hybrid build recently and it’s been really enjoyable. Sniper builds are definitely tricky to do well, but are incredibly powerful in the right hands (a.k.a not me). Melee is definitely high-risk high-reward but it isn’t practical in OP levels without a good roid shield and a rapier (in my experience). I 100% agree with a hybrid build, because it’s all around more flexible, and you can buikd it around ARs, SMGs, pistols and shotguns

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Do you prefer gun or melee Zero? I think a Sniper build is probably the easiest setup with him, but you can also do melee or hybrid.

I’m not a great Zero player, but here’s a basic Sniper setup with a Leg Hunter maybe… The sniper setup works well with shotguns and the Harold as well. Innervate and the Leg Hunter together give great surviveability

Your build is pretty close to what I’ve fleshed out on my latest Zero, Lord of Death. I have Two Fangs at 5/5 I think and a com to boost it, mainly because I like to go InfiniBeee with him :smile:

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Yeah, two fang works well with a lot of those builds and points can easily go from Unforseen or Ambush into that. Personally, I find that Two Fang often throws off my second shot and I don’t use the infinity wtih anyone really. Certainly a viable alternative and used correctly it’s an excellent DPS skill. I like Unforseen at the lower levels quite a bit, however.

I wouldnt do melee without specific gear. A Cunning build is far more flexible in terms of gear up, as you can pretty much pick whatever you come across and turn it useful with the Kunai debuf and the Critical Hit bonuses.
Just spec down to Kunai and get Headsh0t and Killer. The others skills depends on your loadout, but B0re helps a lot.

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if you are on pc you are welcome to play with me

Thank you for the offer, however I am on Xbox One. I went and got a Rapier as suggested, i’m just farming Thousand Cuts with Maya but in TVHM to see if I can get a new Legendary Hunter at 50 so it’s a +5 and not +4.

nice good luck :slight_smile:

Just discovered my Krieg didn’t do Rakkaholics on TVHM so I can farm a slag evisceration rubi :smiley:

Edit: It’ll be level 42 since I clearly accepted and never completed it, but for what I want it for it’ll be fine :slight_smile:

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Try an infinity with a one shot sniper class mod with a bee, that does awesome, it does 120% more damage and with two fang going off a third of the time it’s doing 240% and when the bee activates you’re getting a flat boost as well.


you know any good places to farm for the class mod ?

It’s a common drop, so any source is as good as any other.

Alternatively if you have dlc you could use a chaotic evil rogue class mod from tiny tina’s assault on dragon keep for a 66 percent chance of two fang to proc, that combined with one shot one kill and deception on the hydra shotgun work very well.

Also chaotic evil rogue if i remember correctly gives fire rate and crit bonuses.

I’m having trouble with Zer0 the most. I just tested if I could cope in UVHM, and either I just suck as Zer0 (entirely possible) or i’m going about it the wrong way. Is a gun build viable? I feel like Melee is where he’s strongest but it feels like I have to get maxed before it can dominate. i’m sure i’m wrong, just maybe me not being very good with him.

Absolutely. This is my current level 67 hybrid build, currently alternating a leg. Ninja with a blue Bloodied Survivor class mod:

Coming out of TVHM, I had heavily specced as a melee character in the process of getting the Zer0-specific achievement. Mid-50s UVHM, though, I was really struggling. I can’t find the thread now, but I posted asking for advice and a hybrid build was suggested. This is the continuation of that build. I’m not entirely sure if it’s still headed in the right direction, but it’s still working for me.

One tip I picked up from @Adabiviak is that you can throw homing (incl. magic missile; also rubberized) grenades before popping deception. This buys you some extra time since enemies won’t aggro until hit, by which time you’ve got almost the full 5 seconds to take the shot on your newly slagged target(s) and then run.

Also, leave Zer0 standing long enough and you get a really boring Haiku out of him :wink:

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You can do that achievement as soon as you can access a bandit technical :wink: Thanks for the help! Would you mind lowering that to 50 so I can what you had at that stage (if you can remember)?