Zero Glass Tank Question

I’m at OP8 with my assassin, and I recently found a fabled tortoise shield, so I thought I’d give the glass tank build a try. My health is at 680k or something like that, and with the Survivor COM of 350k, that puts me at just over a million. The fabled tortoise takes away 950k health, so I should have ~50k after I equip it. But I don’t. I have exactly 1 health. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something? Is there an order to the health calculation (i.e. I have points in Iron Hands, so maybe that gets calculated after the Com and Shield bonuses?) Is there a resource with a more in depth explanation of the technique?

This is an Axton video guide, but it uses the Fabled Tortoise shield as well. If you pay attention to how he explains and specs his health increases, you might find a way to do it with Zer0 as well.

Gearbox kind of did a fix to this so that things like Maya’s Immolate glitch wouldn’t work…

Your best bet is a white or green Turtle shield at OP8. It takes very specific parts to the shield to drop it under 10k health but it’s possible so that you’re regenerating health to max instantly. Just be aware that Elemental DoT will be your worst enemy. That’s what made me give up on this trick.

1 health means you (most likely) have negative health, it’s just ‘rounded up’. You can see your actual health value if you visit those doctor zed’s health station thingies. I don’t remember what they’re called.
I don’t remember the exact details off the top of my head, but health buffs increases the penalty from turtle shields. Remove/turn off anything that gives health buffs. Iron hand, I’m guessing you have BAR on as well?

Wait, I’m a bit confused why putting points in Healthy would reduce the health. I imagine Iron Hands is doing that for me. But I just don’t get it. I’ll have to mess around with it some more and see what I can get.

Credits to Aetherseraph on YT, This might be what ur lookin for.

Ok, then it looks like my tortoise won’t work. But like BookEmDano said, even a white or green turtle shield will work. and one with an elemental immunity would be good. Thanks for the help!

You can get around that fix. Activate the 4-player difficulty, kill yourself and respawn. Zero health! This may work on the Fabled Tortoise too. The downside is that now all the enemies are stronger, so it might not be worth it. :smile: