Zero help please

Going to be making a zero char any sort of guns i should use i have only gotten my Siren to op2 looking to take zero all the way i just don’t have any friends who play BL2 and every time i try online someone wants to dupe or mod or ect and i don’t like that stuff id rather grind and earn it so what im asking is any tips or anything Ive made a zero 3 times looked at its skills at lvl 7 and delete it i need some sorta motivation to give it a go im curious to how far i can take zero in the OPs i have a commando im playing atm lvl 19 and just seems so boring perhaps its due to not liking assault rifles in this game

Only got mine to level 57 so far. On the way from 1-30 and then 31-50 there are quite a few ways to take the character. Check the DDD guide at the top of the Zer0 topic for starters - you’ll find some suggested builds for different playstyles and level points at the bottom of the post. You’ll find much more on the old forums equivalent page (not all of it has been ported over).

And one tip: If you don’t like the way your current character skills seem to be working out for you, respec at a quick change stations (such as the one in Sanctuary outside the fast travel station). That way you don’t have to keep replaying the same missions on first play-through over and over!

Thanks will look at the guide guide im also on PS3 but im sure pc xbox ps3 all have same stuff.

Here’s something else to check out:

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any sort of guns i should use[/quote]The best ones you can find? Even his sniper tree isn’t bad with other weapons (0ne Shot, 0ne Kill for shotguns and rocket launchers, B0re for anything, for example). For melee, there are only two weapons that have more bladed damage than all the rest: the Law and the Rapier; both worth getting if you’re considering serious melee. I think you’ll find he can be good with whatever you enjoy using.

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i need some sorta motivation to give it a go[/quote]For me, if the skill tree doesn’t look interesting, the character probably won’t be. You can follow your gut and just not play the character, or stick with it until you can get at least one capstone, which will allow you to at least try every skill available to the character, so you can make an informed decision. If you don’t enjoy the character after having gone that far, it probably wasn’t meant to be.

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i have a commando im playing atm lvl 19 and just seems so boring perhaps its due to not liking assault rifles in this game[/quote]I believe Axton’s only assault-rifle-specific skill is Overload? I love the assault rifles in this game, and I never put points into that skill. I would give Axton the same test as Zer0 (and any other character): if you really want to see if you like him, play far enough to get your first capstone skill, then give each skill tree (and the skills therein) a try.

yeah taken axton to level 50 at least like i did with sav i made a siren and loved her but got boring being 72 lol also axton i think mostly has assault rifle class mods yeah?

Thanks!! yall been super helpful 1 last thing were can i look for ps3 players? this new site seems all odd compared to the old one

I also ported the thread here, if only for discussions about specific COMs on this forum.


Thanks Gen book marked so when i git level 72 zero i can hunt for the ones i like the best :slight_smile:

I highly suggest playing Zero long enough at least to try Execute with a melee focused Zero. Zero has a ton of interesting skills for melee. He makes it a viable playstyle. For me it doesn’t mean forgetting guns/bullets because I still shoot stuff a lot.

Also, I highly suggest trying Bore for a gun based build. Tons of fun lining up shots and also it’s fun lucking into Bunker’s weak spots with bore.

And Zero’s action skill is tons of fun. You just have to discover all the interesting uses for it. Remember to try out some shotguns, snipers, and Jakobs guns with Zero.

edit: Later on, law (gun) & order (shield) is great with zero. As well as Many Must Fall (skill).

Zero’s great with pistols and sniper rifles, but try Shotguns with the Archer Tree.

Once you’ve got Bore, you can pretty much kill everything in sight.

If you want to do a melee build, find guns with bayonets or equip a pistol so you can shoot and slash very nicely. Remember to keep Law at nearly all times, but don’t really use it as a gun, as its damage is very low.

I’m on PS3 as Mr_Matt, and I’m not into modding or duping either! Have quite a few chars and happy to help you out if you need to co-op.