Zero holding and using that big sword is the biggest false advertising

maybe ever in a game

his melee range is atrocious, the same as all the others

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The ones who claim they have big swords are almost always lying! :angry:


It’s called overcompensation, Hattie.


Not really true. Sure his standard melee is, but with execute he can cover quite a distance with his melee. To expect anything different from standard melee is stupidity in itself, of course they’re all going to start out the same.

Biggest false advertising? Nah, that belongs to Activision. Every year they claim a ‘new’ Call of Duty is coming out, and then it ends up just being the same crap they’ve been releasing for years.


no stupidity is making pictures of Zero with a big ass blue sword and having him fight with said sword in the game intro, but then in the games he uses a lame ass little short ranged dagger

that’s stupidity son

Melee only zer0 is a tried and true Playstyle that works very well at the highest levels of the game if you know what you’re doing. In fact I just started a new zer0 and with a ninja MOD equipped I am one shotting lesser enemies out of deceptions even while building a sniper zer0…

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