Zero melee build help

I’m trying to make a melee zero build, and while I’ve looked through several builds and the skill guide, I don’t know what to do with skill points past lvl 64.
Any advice? (I only need help with skills, I already know gear and such)

I know most melee Zero’s go for Bore because it helps you deal with a lot of enemies that are really hard to deal with otherwise. Beyond that, I don’t know if unforseen is really worth it on melee zero, that’s going to be a question for a more experienced zero than me.

I dropped points into it in the skill tree because i heard it got buffed, I have yet to test it out yet

The main problem I think you’re going to run into with it is that you have to oneshot stuff for MMF to work, so a lot of your decoys are going to end up hitting nothing. I think those points would probably be better spent elsewhere.

First let me say that I’m still trying to get the hang of melee Zero myself, and that problem is complicated a bit by starting a melee build at OP8- not the easiest thing in the world to do :smiley: Still though, I’d make this suggestions moving forward:
Iron Hand is considered one of Zero’s lesser skills as it is additive instead of multiplicative. It may seem counter intuitive to take Grim but as I see it you can’t melee everything at once- better to break your shield on your terms rather than have it broken as you approach your target. This rational also applies to Fearless- even with a melee build, there are enemies you will have to shoot (buzzards being a prime example). Unf0rseen can be buffed with class mods so the one point there might be enough to at least test it. As a last, best resort check out Man of Low Moral Fiber’s (MoLMF) Youtube vids on Zero- he does a lot of great work on both sniper and melee Zero builds…

gear for a lvl 72 op8 melee zero is grounded hide of terra,chain lightning,rapier[slag],grog nozzle with blade,and for auxilary weapons i recommend pimpernels in all elements but it is all up to you

I already knew gear as stated in the original post, I just need help with the skill points…

Kind of reviving a dead thread, but…

Altairw’s melee guide from the old forums is still solid as hell.

She lists a B0re build and a B0re-less build; both are impeccable. I like to spend the Bl00dshed “filler” points on Like the Wind or Be Like Water instead of Resurgence if I’m healing with a Grog Nozzle, but they’re filler points and Resurgence is boosted by the Legendary Ninja mod…so do whatever’s clever!

Maybe try something like this :

If you like to use Love Thumper in combo with Fastball and SlowHand.



stellar build, I didn’t know slow hand had that kind of slag chance

you should make a writeup and put it in the build section

I might try that out, even though I haven’t started bl2 for over a year


btw, what’s the hard numbers on unforeseen post patch?

Well yes I can make a writeup, but I don’t want to do that tbh. Because this won’t change anything. Most of people here don’t care about anything if this is not being shown by someone “famous”. This video here was only my suggestion about : how you can play Melee Zer0 a lil bit, different way and have fun with it. That’s all.

As for Unforeseen if I remember correctly, with +10 to Ambush +11 to Unforeseen, slaged and kunai’d target will take around ~60 mil damage. This is what I saw doing this on OP8 Target Practice.

You don’t need to be famous to have your build listed, it just has to be viable.

And who gonna use this build if I will post it there? 2 - 3 people maybe? I saw some other guys doing really nice builds or other things here + yt. And they are just skipped because who will test some random’s guy build if hes not “famous”? I don’t want to be “famous”. But what I want, is to people stop overusing advice, builds etc from same people all time, where the others have also a lot to offer. This is the true analogy to game itself. Overusing same weapons even if other ones exist. But they won’t use other weapons/things because their guru isn’t using it. And they want to be “cool” as much as he is, so they won’t use them either.

I think you’re over-thinking this and underestimating the people who visit this forum. People use the builds that work. Those that don’t get picked apart and updated until they do. Go ahead and post your build, I"m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the feedback you get.

Unless @xmngr has been Sean Connery all along, I don’t think we have “famous people” making builds on this forum.


I assure you, your build is as valid as anybody else’s. Usually, how unique a build is, and how easily it can be used, and managed, (as well as how easy it is to obtain the items) has a lot to do with whether or not people tend to choose it. I’ve seen forum newbies have a lot of hits on their builds.

Also, we’re a bunch of lads and ladies trading BL2 builds. If we were trying to convince people we were cool, boy are we missing the mark with our task. We’re just trying to have fun, mate.

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Do it man. I have seen your videos in YT and they are quite badass. :slight_smile:
To keep an idea, my build thread has only three posts xD

I am Krieg.


Speculations confirmed, I knew it all along.


I am bored of Hollywood, so I decided to make a career of Gaming.

I think your build is pretty cool actually. It seems a lot easier to manage than other melee builds and it’s clearly just as effective. Well done!

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Very well then. I’ll add it there. But before I’ll do that, I need to test it first on heavy Loader map. So I need to do time attack on Hyperion Slaughter round 5. Just to be sure this works on all enemies type.