Zero or Kreig for Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, Single Player

Melee damage increases with the OP levels resulting in more melee damage done to yourself and enemies. StV being at a fixed rate but health not increasing results in more damage done to yourself the higher the OP level. StV is not a melee override but an alteration of melee. Basically just adds massive damage while giving you a 1/9 (roughly) chance of smacking your nose. Roid shields do not increase self damage either and the way the formula works for them on Krieg as well as Zer0 is completely different, making them a huge asset on Zer0, but not so much on Krieg. It’s always better to go with a health boost shield, preferably the Rough Rider than a roid shield. Only time i’d use Roid is when i’m trying to bloodsplode pete or if I want to be an idiot.


Thanks for the info! I hadn’t thought of using a roid shield for Bloodsploding Pete. I usually go for a Big Boom Blaster as it facilitates chucking tonnes of slag grenades, which usually works. Roid might be even more effective.

its an old post but valid still

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