Zero or Krieg who is better melee?

who is more fun to use for melee type game?



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There is effectively nothing in common with the two.


They are completely different in their melee playstyles.

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Actually there is. They’re both awesome and both great melee characters. But Krieg pips it for me.

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Zero, of course!!!
A well-executed Deception and MMF chain is like watching a prima ballerina performing Swan Lake :slight_smile:
Ok, seriously…when in buzz axe rampage, Krieg can only swing or throw an axe, but Zero can still slag, use grenades, get help from a melee shield, switch weapons, etc.


I’m not a great player with either, but Krieg is the more forgiving of the two when it comes to using melee strikes during the his action skill. Mainly because he can throw his melee weapon for range attacks and picks up the explosive damage halfway down his left skill tree, whereas kunia is a capstone. All the buffs to his melee through other skills that help him with health and damage along with the actual flow of his melee animation lessening the need for precision are all perks of playing as Krieg.

They are very different and equally viable.

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Being a Melee Krieg main that also has 400 hours with Melee Zer0, I can tell you that they both do the job equally while being very different.

While Krieg can run into fire, smash everything and allow his kills to generate explosions that will clear entire rooms form you (as well as being able to OS Raid Bosses such as Pete, Terra or Vorac if you use the right gear + spec), Zer0 reaches absolutely insane amounts of burst DPS while staying out of trouble in Decepti0n (I’m talking consistent Damage caps there, and more frequent than Krieg through Bloodsplosion). Zer0 also brings some nice team support thanks to Death Mark, which is an awesome debuff especially versus raids.

Quick summary :


  • Pros : insane Health Stacking coupled with a lot of Damage Reduction and Release the Beast that makes you basically invincible, deals a LOT of Damage through both direct melee attacks, axe throws and Bloodsplosion. Doesn’t need that much gear ouside of slag tools (both gun and grenade), Legendary Sickle and Rough Rider.

  • Cons : needs some getting use to because of Release the Beast, axe throws and Kill Skill management, very bad Slag control, not that great against all Raid Bosses except those that get bloodsploded.

  • ZER0

  • Pros : highest burst DPS in the game, very decent survivability overall thanks to Decepti0n and Many Must Fall, very good team support thanks to Death Mark.

  • Cons : imo hardest build in the game because of all the Shield stripping, switching and melee within seconds because of Decepti0n. Very squishy outside of Decepti0n.

As a conclusion, I’d say they’re equally viable and among the strongest builds in the game. One of the biggest misconceptions are that Krieg is for mobbing and Zer0 for raiding, but that’s not even true.
Just stick to whatever you find better :smile:


Melee Gaige is the thing, man!


Krieg for fun and Zer0 for challenge (which is also fun for me).

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Everyone always seem to overlook the fact that Gaige is more than capable to go full melee with. I wouldn’t take on raids with her, but for general mobbing, she’s feels more or less unkillable.

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I recall watching a video where Gaige pawed the Ancient Dragons of Destruction to death by herself.

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Both are awesome, but Krieg is a tank, and Zero is a glass cannon.

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She is pretty much unkillable. If using the bladed Rubi/Grog with the Slayer of Terra, throwing a Chain Lightning at your feet spread EB so you dont stop healing. It is awesome.
Melee LBT/OC is the thing.

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thanks for your answers guys

Zero is hard to play with it’s true