Zero score on Game End

5-man normal mode. 20161027-20044dcc-7c92-47c9-8aea-ce341473b8c9
Team score -18200, bonus 18200.


@JoeKGBX - apparently it’s not just story ops that’s a problem.

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Yeah, the zero score issue has happened to me on nearly every PvE map. Dem maths.

Happened again last night.

3-man Advanced Heliophage
The “Solus War Hero” achievement popped for me when the mission completed, and my mission log is registering “Win”, but the career stats don’t seem to be updated. All the gear picked up in the game is in the bank.

The end-game summary showed a bunch of gear collected, along with 33% advancement to CR101. Team score showing as -35350, bonus as +35350, total 0.

Match ID 20161111-eec54073-b02c-4f38-b4d9-8e514c9489e9

@JoeKGBX: I notice that both times, the “score” is a multiple of either 50 or 100. Do you know if this is true of other reports and, if so, is there any clue to the cause in that fact?

Edit to add: the Statistics section of the match summary shows a total team score of 106286. Is there any chance my career stats can be updated to show this? Pretty please???

Not just Xbone, happened to Riv and I yesterday and today, Steam PC

I know - it’s right across all platforms, which makes it look like a server-side or server communication issue. I just figure that specific examples might help the crew figure out what’s going wrong and how to fix it.

Question for you: have you noticed the -/+ scores as being anything other than multiples of 100 or 50?

Haven’t paid attention because I’m usually ticked. :smile:

Here’s the end-game score cards:

I didn’t include screen shots of all the columns in the stats page, but basically everything you’d need to construct the Team base score, bonus, and total are in there. Also, that Ghalt was really good, and Kid Ultra is an assist-monster.

@Jythri: can the scores be fixed from this data retroactively?

Since the latency in PvP was getting to me and my Aussie group we decided for some reason to do a 5 man adv hardcore heliophage.

It took us more than an hour, but we prevailed, only to be met with 0 score at the end rather than the 180k and gold we had expected.

My best score on on adv hardcore helio remains my 100 points Kleese suicide for his lore challenge.

This glitch has been known for more than a month… it’s just poor form.