Zero score story missions

I played ~20 story missions with three of my friends last weekend and out of those missions we had zero score in seven of them.

I´ve understood that this might be because one of us has a bad internet connection, but none of us had any lag or anything during the games. Also this problem has existed since launch date according to the forum posts.

It was really frustrating when you finally beat an advanced hardcore mission and see the zero score. It went to the point that two of my friends said that they won´t touch this game again until it is fixed.

Here you can find screenshots of the zero score missions:

It’s a known, random issue, and the devs have already stated that they are working on a fix for it, and that it SHOULD be included in the upcoming winter update; so hopefully you and your friends won’t have to wait too much longer. This thread will probably be closed due to this issue already having numerous threads on it.