Zero vs meatman

First of all let me stay that I want this to stay civil.
Who is the better melee character. Not based on fun factor.

Neither is better, they are different.

Zer0 can do things Krieg cannot, Krieg can do things zer0 cannot.

The difference is fun factor but that is based on the player, they are each more fun to different people.

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Should have thought this post out a bit more.
Yeah your right derch.

The other part is how do you quantify better?

DPS? Survival? Gear dependency? End game? Leveling up?

I’m in the camp that there is no best character in the game, there is no worst character in the game.

There is a right character for me, and a wrong character for me, but that is different for everyone. They are all good so fun should be why you choose a character.


I would like to know dps wise
Survival is krieg
Krieg also needs less gear
End game mobbing krieg
Raiding probley zero if there both melee
Leveling idk probley tied

DPS is tough as well

How do you calculate Bloodsplosion? Zer0 has high burst damage more than DPS. What is more important? DPS or Burst Damage?

Krieg’s Bloodsploion Chains have the highest potential (unless b0re on bunker/hyp)

Krieg has more constant DPS, but zer0 has more burst unless you count Bloodsploion

So even that is hard to compare to be honest.

How about the reward for mastering the necessary skill?

Krieg’s main skill is pretty basic, and doesn’t take that much work. Actually hitting things with thrown buzzaxes - especially flying targets - makes for a great reward.

For me, that’s not in the same ballpark as mastering Zer0’s deception and execute, though. When I can pull off some move that starts to look like Zer0 in the opening credits, that’s an amazing reward.

Comparing dps between a burst damage character and a run around smack thing till they exploded and avoid your face character isn’t gonna work. If you were going to compare it would have to be time based. Also mastering zero can be hard but try missing a RtB on krieg without elemental empathy or a moxxie gun

Lets just say this… Zero is a LOT harder!

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Yeah I know that but with krieg RtB timing can be difficult at times

For me its Krieg

1: I haven’t played a Melee Zero
2: During Buzzaxe Rampage, on a Controller, the fire button becomes the melee button, instead of clicking down on the right thumb stick, so all in all, it’s easier to use, so its more efficient for me

For that reason, I will probably not ever do Melee Zero, I do not much care for Melee in general in this game, because of the Melee Button, Krieg is the exception to this for me, due to ease of use for his melee ability

I know it isn’t much, but if the controls are easier, that to me is the better character for that purpose.

I bought a steam controller and re mapped melee and its wonderful

Unfortunately I believe that most of the answers to this debate will be almost wholly subjective, and while that isn’t necessarily bad, it will always be difficult to hold a discussion on those grounds.

I know of plenty of people that get a literal headache when playing as Krieg. For us Borderline lunatics, there is no issue navigating through the screams and bright colors to find out where the tiny red dot on the top of the screen is.

I know people who lack the patience it takes to play as Zer0, timing the Kunai or Execute, as well as learning when to run back to a defensible position when things get rough.

Rewarding play as a concept is subjective as well. There are those who feel that clearing an acre of enemy flesh with a single Fastball is rewarding, and there are those who think that being invisible until the field is dead is just as rewarding.

I really can’t find fault or issue with any summation so far, and that shows how open ended this really is.


I re-mapped melee and grenades on the 360 controller just to make it easier to play Zer0. It screws up vehicles a bit though. (One of the bugs in TPS/BL2 is that they allow button mapping, but it’s horribly inconsistent between regular and vehicle use.)

Before answering, I just want to state that overall, @Derch nailed it. So consider what follows with a big grain of salt.

I think Krieg does it better overall, from a few angles.

His survival is better since he heals from each kill.
He needs RTB and STV to Melee… That’s it.
A couple pieces of gear are very helpful, but unlike Zero, he doesn’t need a Roid shield, or a specific grenade to strip it, or a bladed gun…

The only piece of gear required is a shield that boosts health (the RR) the rest is pretty much free form.

Zero melee builds are also usually a dedicated act: they do melee.

Melee Krieg can be Hellborn, or grenade based, bloodsplosion, explosive… There is much more room left to excel at other things.

Zero also requires the player to set up things. Deception, Kunai for debuff, grenade for stripping shield, execution, chaining MMF.
…Krieg is just…press a button then hack away.

Krieg also has a “ranged” melee attack in his buzzaxe.

There are other factors of course, and this is very subjective. But this is what I saw at a glance.


Zer0 can use the Love Thumper if you dont want to keep striping your shield before an Execution. Also, being invisible adds a lot of survivability too so its hard to compare. They are two totally different melee playstyles.
But Chuck is right in one thing: Krieg has more room to go hybrid. With Zer0, if you chose to be a ninja then you will be a ninja forever as Many Must Fall doesnt help gunplay.

Zer0 is great at endgame, but he does need specific gear to do some work.
Krieg is good as well, easy to use, doens’t require specific gear, but he does lack the damage at OP8.

Even if you bloodsplode I find Zer0 to be much quicker at killing things most of the time.

Zer0 is better.

I would like to respectfully disagree with some things said:

Melee Zer0 is not that dependent on gear to be successful. With a well-specced build, a melee Zer0 really only needs a bladed gun.

Zer0 has his explosive kunai.

Zer0 has several skills that can even allow “melee builds” to be strong hybrid builds. B0re alone makes Zer0 great at shooting while still keeping his core cutting skills. Even MMF can help with gunplay; even though it is useful in chaining 3+ Execute kills in a row, just one Execute is enough to continue Decepti0n so a player can then get some free time to set up for gun damage with the big decepti0n bonus.

I personally prefer Zer0, but again, gameplay preference is key.