Zero's Digistruct Peak, area specific strategies

This thread is intended to serve as a place to advance the entire community through the use of something we seem to apply to guns and specs, but never strategy: specifics.

My hope is that people will participate by providing as much clarity as possible, and ideally by providing room/area specific video. We don’t just want, “oh, Scorches? BeeHawk” or “oh, Boneheads? I Fastball them.” Instead, I’d love to see and hear about where you go to start the fight, specific targets or types that you key in on, etc.

To be clear, this is not a thread where I or anyone else need to be The Man. It’s a thread to share what we’ve been doing, so that each of us may pick up something that helps us be better.

I’d also like to shout out Man of Low Moral Fiber, because his Peak videos are the first I personally saw which narrated specific plans or thoughts in particular areas. That memory sparked this idea.

Thank you in advance for positive contributions.

Edit: 2/15/17:

Since starting this thread, I’ve benefited from videos and/or commentary by dotanuki, redyon4, MoLMF, and others. I’ve now gone through the process of unlocking OP8 with two Zeros, and have done breakdowns by area, including short video from each section. Those begin around post 25 or so of the thread.

Dotanuki’s video is an exceptional resource, and it includes a compilation of all of the Assassin spawns at the end of the main video run.

Sun_Tsunami’s thread here breaks down melee Zero by area, and is very well done:


Well, I mean, that will depend on build and playstyle and whatnot, but I’ve got something I made as a sendoff to the game.

Now, that is mostly made for a highly specific build and playstyle, my personal favourite way to play Zero/run peak, but there should be something generally useful in there. It’s old too, so there’s some outdated considerations, like ‘old style’/dm stacking kunai, not knowing how everything is supposedly weak to fire on the peak, and probably a lot more, as I haven’t played the game in a long while and don’t really know what’s changed in recent times.

Now if I were a nitpicking arse (which I am), I’d say what you’re asking for is tactics and not strategy, but anyways, the video should provide both area and encounter-specific approaches as well as general approach to the peak/game with an overly squishy build. I’m not going to spend an hour to remind myself exactly what I said and didn’t say in there, but it was made as a peak guide, so have a gander and see if there’s something useful to you and this thread.



Thank you. I had hoped for short segments, to serve as a sort of index for people to be able to quickly reference, but given your sort of retirement, that is a fantastic contribution. I appreciate that you took the time to post.

Great post! I had started a post a little while ago:
Melee Zero…You Still Out There?
To get feedback on how other Zero players dealt with the Peak.

There really isn’t much info on THIS forum for techniques and tactics for Zero.


‘Retirement’ made me chuckle. Dropped by mostly by accident, got a recent comment on that particular video and thought I’d see what’s up on the bl2 forums. The time it took to post wasn’t anything, it took a lot of time to edit the video so it would be nice if it came to some use. I know it wasn’t exactly what you asked for, but if there’s something particular in there that is, you can always link with the youtube timestamp feature.


Zer0’s my main and I’d say I’m pretty good, but I got nothin’ on MoLMF and Striker Zidane. They are simply the best I’ve ever seen.

You don’t have to be the best to have something to offer. If that were a requirement, I’d have asked someone else to start these threads. All you really need to contribute are an understanding of why you have success in certain areas, and an ability to communicate specific tips.

In the basketball world, there is a move called ‘the Shamgod’. Lots of NBA players have used it. Lots of euro league guys do it. It came from God Shamgod [formerly Shamgod Wells], who is nowhere near the player that most of them are. But… He did something that others added to what they were doing.

Food for thought.

Yeah I get that, it’s just much easier to watch their videos and observe.

Watched Dota’s video. Very well done. Commentary really stands up. He rolled turret spawn at Assassins, so getting a 4x Assassin spawn from another vet would be fantastic.

After the run, I cover the other 3 possible spawns

Very cool. I had to pause after the turret run. Going to finish tonight.

Reviewed the dota video. Loved the rundown at the end, covering the Assassin spawns. Great commentary and demonstration of how to work a hybrid in there.

Since I don’t really feel qualified to post tips in this one, I’ve been looking at a lot of Zero videos to find examples of tough spawns being handled in ways that demonstrate obvious thought.

Frankly, most of the Peak runs I’ve seen show easy Assassin spawns. So far, dotanukai’s video is blowing just about everything else away.

…but then we have this, from a guy known for Axton play. @DemoniteBL catches the Assassins turret spawn at 19:30 and artistically picks it apart with a Twister.

He then rolls the triple SBA Surveyor spawn before OMG at 40:15, and is equally strong there.

Great resource.


Here, redyon4 rolls 4x Assassins at 22:44 and clears it very cleanly. No FFYL, no Norfleet, just very good positioning and play.


Fiber has a ton of sniper DP runs, you can probably find all spawns covered there. He does his Bonehead stacking thing and that is extremely efficient and kills everything so fast I think the only special consideration is the turret spawn. He often comments on what he does too. You can also stack on a loader past doc mercy area to realistically ~80-100 with the ammo there, which will deal with them nicely.


What a terrific video with the analysis on risk management… a couple of things… no need for the fire pimp with the weird Peak thing of everything being susceptible to corrosive, agreed on the Doc Mercy area, he’s not the threat, everything else is, particularly the slagged centurions, I like to fight to behind the small house on the left right away, but I like your strategy of hitting the middle quickly first then dropping back thre… On PS3 with the lower graphical capability, Constructors will seem to spawn with their shield down, but it is in fact up, less of an issue with Zero spec’d into Bore, but for other chars… Dunno if that happens on Xbox 360 either…Excellent coverage of the various assassin spawns and a fantastic job overall

Looked at a lot of Fiber’s stuff, and all of the sniper ones I’ve seen so far show easy Assassin spawns. I’m sure he has the others on video, I just have to find them. His commentary is always very strong.

Hi, cheers. Yeah, I heard about the fire/corrosive thing, but that video is over a year old, nobody knew back then.

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I’ve been referring back to this thread in my process of taking Zero toward OP8. A few specific points have helped me rapidly get to where I’ve progressed to the last area before OMG.

First, I’ve transitioned from Disturbed Stalker + Sheriff’s Badge to using either Legendary Sniper or Legendary Hunter, depending on the area, and corrosive BoA. I’ve also taken a page out of redyon4’s book by adding 4/5 Two Fang to my build, like this:

Those changes have turned the corrosive Pimpernel into the fist of the gods.

The other thing I’ve picked up is a lot of reminders to slow down. This class plays faster when you take the time to set up, so I’m really looking at positioning instead of just banging away with the gun and reacting.

Also, SBA surveyors suck.


They do suck!!! I try to get one of the ground enemies down to partial health and leave it for the surveyors to repair for easier attack.

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