Zero's Digistruct Peak, area specific strategies

Unlocked OP8 with sniper Zero a couple days ago. While it’s still fresh in my head, I wanted to share some tidbits:

First, I made a build and gear change after seeing the videos in here. I went to this build:

Gear used to beat the OP7 run:
Level 69 Legendary Sniper
Grog Nozzle
OP6 slag Pimpernel
OP7 corrosive Pimpernel
OP7 DPUH (barely used)
OP6 Hornet (for regular surveyors, so I wouldn’t consume too much ammunition from my sniper pool)
OP5 corrosive Infinity
Disturbed Stalker (6 Rising Shot, 5 Follow Through)
Corrosive Bone of the Ancients
Sheriff’s Badge
OP7 Antagonist
OP5 Sticky Longbow Quasar
OP5 Lobbed Pandemic (Dukino’s Mom area)


Used the Hornet against the 2 Scorch/4 Surveyor spawn to conserve sniper ammunition. Kited to kill surveyors first, then Scorches went very quick.

Dukino’s Mom: hip fired corrosive Pimpernel. Saved Deception for shock ball spam. When she went into that, fired Deception, swapped to Grog, tossed kunai, tossed Pandemic. She went very efficiently that way.

For Black Queens, I switched to the corrosive Infinity, Disturbed Stalker, and Sheriff’s Badge to save sniper ammunition for the Bonehead area. The Queens area is actually very efficient with the Infinity set up.

Boneheads: ran straight into the garden side of the area and focused on using the mini map to control that area. It makes enemies have to pass through bottlenecks to come in, and lets me use the hut for cover as needed.

Assassins: stopped chickening out and relying on the Legendary Hunter. Stuck with the L Sniper. Fixed my kill order. Oney and Wott first, then Reeth, then Rouf. Lots of Quasars and Deception to kite and manage LoS.

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I may have asked you this before, but what platform are you on?

XBox One. No shame in not remembering. You’ve been busy!

Busy looting Pandora :stuck_out_tongue: Ah well just thought I’d ask, I would have liked to invite you to raid Pandora together, perhaps one day :slight_smile:

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That would be epic.

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Entry area:

There are a few possible spawns here, which you’ll be able to read somewhat based on what you see at the gate from the entry bridge.

  1. Spider Tank spawn. When you see a tank at the end of the bridge, you’ll face 4 total spider tanks, plus some ground clutter. The first is the one at the bridge gate. The second and third spawn at the same time once you go through the bridge gate. One will be straight ahead as you enter, in the water. The other will be off to the right, typically accompanied by ground trash. I always drop the water spawn first to ensure that baddies are coming from the same direction. The final Tank will be at the gate into the second area, accompanied by 2 spider ant emperors.

This spawn is pretty easy. A Pimpernel or Lyuda shot to the ‘neck’ will either 1-shot them, or leave them at a sliver of health. If you use Deception and Kunai to set up the shot, it’s pretty much a guaranteed 1-shot on a good hit.


Second area:

As you’re progressing through the Peak, the first few runs here will be easy. It’ll mostly be loaders and ground trash, and shouldn’t be a problem. At OP4, entering this area, you’ll notice turrets and bandits spawning in the low portion ahead of you. You can easily pick them off from the high ground you start on.

In the later runs, the Scorches appear here, with 2 appearing together. If you see nothing in the low ground space where the turrets appear at OP4, go ahead and cut to the right and start heading toward the gate to area 3. The only danger you may find on the way to the gate is possible RPG loaders in the canyon. You’ll get a Constructor at the gate, with ground trash coming in small waves. The Constructor will throw out a turret right away. From low ground, you can use that to get B0re hits on the Constructor.

Suggested priorities: Rabid Skags, if they appear. Second is that Constructor. If no Rabids appear, it’s pretty easy to drop the Constructor quickly.

Scorches here will always be paired, and one of the spawns will be 2 Scorches with 4 surveyors. Scorches alone are easy. Have fun working for B0re shots. The surveyors make it more interesting, though not terrible. Some people like to try to beat up the Scorches to make the surveyors come to heal them. When 4 are up, they heal the Scorches very quickly, and take off again. To avoid that, I prefer to just pick off the surveyors. It’s slowish, but pretty simple. A Hornet shreds them, and an Infinity (especially corrosive) with increased fire rate via class mod or relic will take them apart quickly.

Here is a clip of the 2 Scorches + 4 Surveyors spawn:


Third area:

In the early runs, this is where you’ll first meet Scorches. They’ll often have Centurions with them, or other ground trash. Kite them around and work for B0re. They’re easy. During the early runs, I typically put on a Stalker COM and Sheriff’s Badge, using a Harold coming out of Deception, and an Infinity while I waited for cooldowns.

In later runs, this is where you’ll meet Dukino’s Mom. She has two spawns: 1) Mom with midgets, or 2) trash skags first, then Mom alone.

She has a stomp attack, an obnoxious laser beam breath attack, and the WORST… a shockball spamming vomit attack, with a huuuuge blast radius. Most people use Transfusions here. I prefer to use a low fuse Storm Front + Grog, which is enough to heal through shockball spam on one Storm Front.

Some people use the Bee here. I prefer to just do it like this


Area four: Black Queens

Note: this area is known for small surveyors, loaders, and the Black Queens. The biggest actual threat here are random Rabid skags. Check for those first. If you get them, I recommend drawing them into the Mom area so you can focus on them alone. They’re so much faster than anything else here, they’ll be easy to separate.

There are two main variants here: trash first, ending with the Queens by themselves, or Queens plus clutter at once. The trash-first version includes surveyors. They are very easy to isolate by backing into the D’s Mom area.

When the Queens spawn in, you can either try to burn them down where they spawn, or draw them into the entry to the Mom area. I prefer to pull them to the gate to use an Infinity to crush them with B0re.

Queens + clutter first:

This clip is clutter first, the Queens:


Area 5: Boneheads

There are 3 main variations here. 1) 2 Boneheads plus 3 turrets above, 2) Boneheads plus clutter, followed by low turrets in the main section, 3) soooo muuuuch cluuutttteeerrr, and Boneheads.

Main threats here are simply being whittled down by turrets or surveyors, RPG loaders, and grenades from Boneheads.

This is an embarrassing clip from Boneheads + high turrets. That spawn is usually very easy, but I was neglecting my mini map.

Here is the clutter-heavy spawn:

And then the low turret spawn:

In each case, I find that owning the right side section (garden-side) seems to work best.


Area 6: Doc Mercy

When you drop in, check your clutter. This area is fairly confined. Catching Rabid skags in here makes it rough, especially in tandem or with a Centurion spider ant. Thankfully, Doc Mercy is slow, so you have a brief window of time to deal with them before he gets into grenade range. Surveyors can also be a nuisance here, but the big threats are Rabids and Docs. After the first wave, you’ll either catch 2 Docs, or another wave with a single Doc. If you get two waves of single Doc + clutter, there will be a third wave with another Doc and a Constructor.

As long as you check and manage your clutter, you should be fine here. Singularities can make this especially smooth.

2x Doc spawn. This clip was done without a Bone of the Ancients, which made me lean on Quasars a little extra. The cooldown makes a huge difference.

And the Constructor spawn, this time with a Bone.


Area 7: Assassins

This is the bad motha for many. There are 4 basic spawns here, two of which I’d consider among the 3 hardest spawns in all of the Peak.

First, the easy ones. Each of these begin with Reeth and Wott spawning together. Reeth will spawn to your right, Wott to the left. Wott is easier to kill, but with this starting pair, always kill Reeth first. Once the first of these two goes down, you’ll either get a spider tank in the middle, or clutter will start popping up all around. Clutter here is varied… spider ants, loaders (watch out for RPG loaders), surveyors. It’s uuuuusually not deadly, but you can catch loaders with crazy guns or grenades who’ll wreck yo face, sucka. If you get the spider tank, shoot the ‘neck’.

Once the clutter or spider tank are clear, you’ll have Wott, and Oney and Rouf will spawn in. I’d kill Oney and Wott, leaving Rouf for last. Rough is very squirrelly. He’s a lot easier to bury once he’s isolated.

Spider tank spawn:

4x Assassins:

This is the one most people seem to feel is about the worst spawn in all of the Peak. It pops up on the run at OP7 to unlock OP8. when you drop in, you’ll be almost on top of Oney’s spawn point. Counter-clockwise from there are Reeth (right), Rouf (straight across from Oney), and Wott (far left). In short, Reeth and Rouf are the most mobile, with Reeth also being the most dangerous. Reeth throws a burning axe, and the fire DoT is naaaaaassssttttyyyy. This is especially rough with the other 3 helping keep your shield down. Wott is resistant to shock, but has the least health. He will run away and try to hide if you press him. Oney is resistant to explosive, and he’s slow.

With every other class, I try to drop Reeth first. As Zero, I’ve had best results killing Oney and Wott first. Simply put, they’re easier to get down than R&R, and you want to remove threats ASAP.

This is the recording of my second Zero getting them at OP7:

OK… turret spawn. This is a complicated one, and possibly worse than 4x Assassins, once you learn that one.

You’ll know you’re getting this spawn when you drop in and see a single red dot appear, then others quickly begin appearing in variable locations. As they populate, this will become a wave of 4 turrets. When you kill 3 turrets, Rouf and Oney will spawn. When one of those two goes down, the second wave of turrets comes in. [note: I’ve never tried killing Oney and Rouf before downing the final wave 1 turret. It may be possible that the second wave of turrets will not pop until that 4th turret and an Assassin are down]

This is where things get screwy. The turrets will again appear in variable locations, so you have to be quick to read the mini map and create/find a safe space, or you will go down.

The easiest way I have found to get through this transition is this:

  • when Oney and Rouf spawn, always kill Rouf first. It’ll be annoying, but his mobility makes it very difficult to find a safe area if he’s up when wave 2 starts. In contrast, Oney is very slow.

  • when turret wave 2 starts, I try to move to a space where 2 or fewer turrets will be able to target, and down a turret as soon as it finishes spawning in. Fastball, Pimpernel, whatever works quickly, WITHOUT using Deception, unless you use Deception and Fastballs to drop two turrets in one Deception.

  • if you use a gun, I advise killing one turret, then using Deception + Kunai + gun on the next turret. This should leave you with 2 turrets plus Oney, at full health.

When you drop the third turret in wave 2, Reeth and Wott appear. At this point, you should have Reeth, Oney, Wott, and one turret. My suggestion would be clearing the easiest first. Turret, Wott and Oney in your preferred order, then Reeth. Reeth is the most dangerous, but he can be obnoxious to finish, and having too many of these guys up for long will be very bad.

This clip is 9 minutes, because it includes the trash between Docs and the Assassins. The Assassins fight starts around 2:26

I hope those are helpful!


Thanks, didn’t know that Scorch and Black Queens can be b0red. No idea where I have to hit them for that although.

4 assasins, I’m not up to fighting all 4 together yet, but I do wonder - isn’t it possible to use fastball, badaboom and relic combo to take out 2 of them under one deception?

You could definitely get Wott with Fastballs, so the trick would be adding a second after him. Oney is big and slow, but resistant to explosive, so you’d be best with a shock Fastball for him, but Wott resists shock. Rouf and Reeth would require extra travel time from Wott, and may not hold still.

So, it’s doable, but I wonder how easily repeatable it may be.

A shock Pimpernel wrecks all but Wott, so I’ve started going in with that instead of corrosive (which I use everywhere else).

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Area 8: Saturns

When you first get to this area, the Big Bads will just be spider tanks. Those will not be a problem.

The real dangers here are clutter. This area can throw all types at you. Centurion spider ants, Rabid skags, Blaster Nomads, Super Badass Surveyors… any of them can pop up here. The second big danger is getting caught in a bad place when the last clutter goes down and Saturn(s) appear.

The easy solution is simply to use the high ground near the colesseum. Fast movers and flyers will get to you well ahead of the slow types, so you’ll be able to isolate Rabids or pick off surveyors. You may even be able to throw your hologram off the ledge to bait Rabids into jumping to their deaths.

Important note: if you get down to 1-2 enemies who spawned waaaayyyyy back, don’t go to them to kill them. Move down to get them to aggro and follow you, so that you can be where you want when they die. Use the last enemy to establish your position for fighting Saturn(s).

Saturn can be B0red by shooting the places where the 4 turrets connect to the body. Or, you may try to line up double Saturns and shoot through One into the second. I’m nowhere near as graceful at this as some. I’ve seen many people use a rock or small structure for cover. I prefer to be cautious and use the ammo box.

This clip is broken into two parts. Clutter first, then the last clutter and Saturns.




Area 9: Cannibal Canyon

The dangers here are getting surrounded, and being overwhelmed by trash. There are no named Big Bads here. Instead, you’ll see a mix of aggressive clutter. Final waves here will either have a big Constructor, a big Spider Tank, or surveyors plus twin SBA slag skags. Turrets are common on the walls to the right of the entry. Also, watch out for RPG loaders. They’re especially brutal here.

I like to draw enemies toward the gate entering the area. This can be dangerous, if you miss a Rabid skag spawn.

This is the spawn ending with Double slag skags. All spawns here are relatively easy as Zero.

And the Spider Tank spawn.

I will try to get the Constructor spawn up next time I see it.


Area 10: last stop before OMG.

When you first get here, it’ll be laughably easy. The first spawn you’ll encounter will have 2 waves. The first will be 4 EXP Loaders. Throw your hologram in the middle, run up the hill to watch them suicide and wait for wave 2. That spawn is a gimme for Zero.

The rest will get progressively more nasty. This area gets a lot of very aggressive ground enemies, and surveyors. Rabid Skags, SBA Psychos, slag skags, Centurion spider ants, RPG loaders, etc all pop up here, often together. Given that this area is very narrow, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

As a general rule, I suggest dropping in and running straight up the hill. That blocks line of sight from ground enemies with ranged attacks, and it’ll help you isolate flyers and fast movers, as the slow types won’t catch up for a bit. Priority 1, as always, is Rabid skags. Second priority is dealing with surveyors. You may either damage enemies to make the surveyors go into hover/repair mode, or you can simply pick them off.

This area is one of the best and worst for Surveyor behavior. It’s not uncommon to have a Surveyor kill itself here, but it also occasionally happens that they’ll fly into the walls and get stuck.

The worst spawn here, in my opinion, is the OP7 run spawn. It starts with a spider tank and an SBA Surveyor. That wave is usually pretty easy, though often obnoxious if the Surveyor gets too persistently evasive. I usually 1-shot the tank and am free to focus on the Surveyor. The second wave is 2 more SBA surveyors, with 3 aggressive ground enemies. That is where things get rough. Per usual, I like to use the high ground to soften the surveyors, partly because this forces the ground enemies into a bottleneck on their way up to me. When they get near the top of the ramp, you can often line up B0re for quick burst. If you’ve saved Deception, you can give yourself an escape path by throwing your hologram at one of the walls, then escaping down to the lower area to regroup.

This clip is from a weird take, when I couldn’t get the 1-shot on the spider tank.

This one is one of the moderate spawns, and it shows using the hologram (and singularities) to create outs.



Area 11: OMG

Shoot the neck.

If that fails, kite around the building. If/when OMG grows a new head, shoot the neck.



I hope posting now isn’t too late, since it’s been a year since the last post. I’m a Zer0 novice, and i’m considering taking him to the peak at some point, but it scares me because he’s definitely the Vault Hunter I find the most difficult to use. Posting mainly to have this in the “My Posts” section so I don’t forget to watch the videos :slight_smile:

Always remember you can knock skags off the ledge
(Oh and get 2 lyudas for anything that flies)