Zerosubstance page Down?

Hello! i was searching the zerosubstance page for borderlands 1 modded weapons and it says account suspended. anyone knows if the page will go online with all the weapons? I hope so…


I can answer that for ya. I’ve talked with R|A about it (he is the founder, I’m the other admin) and to quote the main man,

"Yeah apparently I had the phone board not quite up to date and it was exploited and ended up being used to push a shot load of spam email

I’ve been working with my provider to figured out the extent of the damage. They pulled a complete dump of the mysql database for me and I have the entirety of the sites files backed up from a few months ago

I can’t do much until they finish investigating as they locked my account for the time being"

Basically it could be awhile till its back up. Hope that answer at least got rid of any questions you had.

The guy formally known as Drew8123

Many, many thanks for your clear response, hope he can go online with all the good material. Can you tell me if other pages like this, with custom weapons for download exists? (apart of the official forums)

Thanks for all.


Yes there are a few, If I remember correctly, on the site. It also is host to the Gear Calculator, a great tool to modders and legit players alike.

Excellent, if you know some more pages with custom stuff for dowload feel free to post please. I really appreciate your help, thanks.

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