Zeta's Custom Gear Pack

Howdy, I’ve put together a pack of weapons for borderlands 1 that are recreations of weapons from borderlands 2 and 3, just recreating some of the weapons that I like.

Big thanks to The Campin Dutchman for letting me use the loot vial system from The Arsenal to set up my own loot vial system as well as to him and Sleepmaster for helping get some of my weapons working right.

You can download it here: ZetaGearPack Download

Link to my github where I’ll be posting all my BL1 mods: My Github

To install drop the folder thats inside the zip file titled ‘ZetaGear’ into “Borderlands/WillowGame/CookedPC”. Then use the file titled ‘ZetaLootVial.txt’ to import the loot vial to your character so once in game you can use the vial to start seeing my custom weapons dropping. The drop chance is fairly high for the weapons as I just wan’t people to play with my gear (:

Some of the weapons can even spawn as hybrids with the base game legendaries so be on a lookout for those.

Loot Vial code:


Here’s some images to show versions of the weapons:
AR300D Desert Soulrender

AX10 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold

AX10 Swift Unkempt Harold

AX XX Swift Maggie

HX 52D Desert Torrent

RPG760 C Cobalt Norfleet

ZPR15 XX Terrible Hellwalker

I hope to also expand the number of weapons available in this mod pack too so be on the lookout for updates


That’s fun!

Looking good chief.

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Hey, looks awesome! I did have a bit of trouble though. I am using Windows 10 and WillowTree 2.4.0, and had to open the text document in wordpad and then save it as plain text. When I had opened it in notepad to compare it to the other vials I have been using (thanks y’all!) the only difference I could find was that next the encoding the original says Unix (LF) and the other vials had Windows (CRLF). Saving as a plain document from Word did the trick. Thanks much!

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Ah thanks for letting me know, I’m on linux so that’d be why it is like that but I’ll look into fixing it, I’ll also add the code for the loot vial into my post as well.