Zheitsev's Eruption

Does anyone have a spare they’d be willing to send? These Mayhem 4 drops are ridiculous and that’s the last one I’m needing, don’t care about the anointments, stats or anything only wanting it for completions sake… I’d much rather do the takedown trying for the last two weapons Wotan drops that I need than spend another day trying to get Titan to drop this (which is currently day 2)

Thanks to anyone willing to help out.

You have any good moze stuff

Not really, most of my good anointed gear is for Fl4k and I’m currently using it unless you’re interested in a shock Redistributor that I do have for Moze I’d be willing to part with

Still no luck, if anyone is looking for a kybs worth or distributor I’ll be more then happy to send them your way

I’ll send you a couple when I get home. Add me RMANCL

Nice! I’m only wanting one for completions sake, now the only legendary I’m missing is the Tiggs Boom but I should get that naturally by doing the takedown which is more fun than constantly grinding out the slaughter shaft

Can you also send me one?

Ignore my message…just got your request rivet. Sent it over. If you have either a Redistributor or kyb for Zane, that’d be cool. If not, don’t worry.

I have a corrosive tiggs boom

I have both the Redistributor and the Kyb but my Kyb is for Moze you interested JustinKelley24? Probably not because it’s an Auto Bear anointment unless that’s your thing