Zombie mode or horde mode?

Do you guys think it would be cool to have a horde/zombie mode?

5 players start the game at level 1, each wave of horde/zombies each getting progressively harder/more/harder enemies? Similar to Call of duty zombies except it will be way more fun with so many characters to choose from (IMO)

what do u guys think? Would this be hard to implement?


I think many of us see this when we: Helio Advanced Hardcore mode (Which is like Serious Sam!)

One of the most asked for modes. The developers want to do it but it will have to wait until they have the resources available before they can or so I hear. They have a lot on their plate right now.

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A wave based horde mode like Gears of War or more objective based like Mass Effect 3 would be great. I never liked zombies in COD since it felt like a janky mod.

Horde, yes; Zombies, no. People already complain about this game being “dead”.


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No game is complete without Zombies. I would literally list every game that has had zombies in it but there are literally too many to list. This game needs Zombies or it isnt complete :stuck_out_tongue:

But just as an example Borderlands 2 had zombies and South Park:Stick of Truth had zombies in, im talking literally every game not meaning actual zombie games because obviously zombie games have zombies in…

Hopefully they have some braaaaaaains on their plate >_<

I know TK found that one funny!