Zombie’s Donation Shop

I tend to farm a lot and considering everything will be useless most likely when the first DLC hits, leave your GT and a couple items you are looking for and I will be happy to send them to you if I have or find.

Personally I am after a radiation foursome and incendiary cutsman currently.

GT: Zombiesomething

Blast Master Com? Don’t have a Phazezerker, but if one drops while I’m farming force troopers I’ll be happy to send it to you.



GT is Burn1ngZ0mb1eZ

Looking for:
Gamma Burst guns
Red Suit shield
Atom Balm Otto Idol

I have a phasezerker I can send you in the mail in the morning


Awesome. I really appreciate it, farming the force troopers was getting tedious.

Send a Warden Red Suit

GT: Jesse Inferno

LF: Deathless relics and bloodletter mods

Edit: Thank you! If I come across a phasezerker I’ll send it your way.