Zombie’s trade shop

Currently looking for:

Elemental Proj Deathless (not worried about stats)
Radiation Foursome

Currently I have the following for trade:

Double-Penetrating Pent-Up Alchemist (inc)
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun
Double-Penetrating Shredded Laser-Sploder (cryo)
Oozing Gratifying Laser-Sploder (cor)(Anointed action skill end 2magazines +50% dmg)
Lucian’s Call (cor)
Lucian’s Call (cryo)
Engulfing Kravvy Ogre x 2
Engulfing Resolute Ogre (Anointed after attack command +30% lifesteal)
Rowan’s Call (rad)
Dobby the Dictator (Anointed after Phasegrasp weapon accuracy & handling increased)
Pestilent Sickle (cor)
Venemous Warlord (cor)

Shredded Scourge
Ruby’s Wrath

Packin Devestator
The Duc x 2
The Flood x 2
Queens call (rad)
Dastardly Maggie
Dastardly Maggie (Anointed action skill end 2 magazine 50% extra dmg)
Double-Penetrating Potent Roisen’s Thorns (cor)

Cash-Infused Brainstormer (Anointed action skill end bonus accuracy & handling)
Holistic the Butcher (Anointed SNTNL 50% bonus dmg as cryo)
Undermining The Butcher (rad)
Essential Conference Call
Auditing Conference Call (cryo)
Burning Flakker (inc)
Casual Flakker
Speedloadin’ Hellwalker (Anointed action skill end status effect chance & dmg +75%)
The Lob (cryo)

Binary Mocking Cutsman (inc)
Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin (cryo)
Arctic Vanquisher (cryo) (Anointed after Phaseslam 300% weapon dmg)

Annexed Vicious Lyuda (shock)
Molten kravvy Lyuda (inc)

Hypercharge Front Loader 20% shock resist (Anointed action skill end +5% movement)
Culminating Red Suit
Improved Re-Router (+13% cor resist)(on action skill end +20% action skill cooldown)
Rough Rider
Rough Rider (Anointed +15% movement when SNTNL active)

Flurrying Solitary Breaker
Rope-a-Dope Introverted Breaker
Rope-a-Dope Solitary Breaker
Insomniac Fragmented Dragon
Punishing Vestigial Dragon
Threaded Carpet Bombing Elementalist

Rabid Bounty Hunter
Bifurcated Friendly Friend-Bot
Tribal Refreshed Friend-Bot
Feral Prideful Red Fang
Tallying Cosmic Stalker x 2

Armor Plated Bear Trooper
Bangin’ Bear Trooper
Blessed Circulating Blast Master
Honor Guard Enhanced Bloodletter
Hazy Molly Rocketeer

Preemptive Double-Slit Cold Warrior
Scattered Prepped Cold Warrior
Spirited Sonic Boom Infiltrator
Next Day Jury-Rigged Shockerator

Knife Drain Deathless
Shock Stone Launch Pad
Electric Slide Loaded Dice
Elemental Projector Loaded Dice
Fire Stone Loaded Dice
Shock Stone Loaded Dice
Toxic Revenger Loaded Dice
Cauterizing Victory Rush

Hex (cryo)
Cloning Hex (rad)
MIRV Hex (shock)

interested in these, check out my posts for trade -

Spirited Sonic Boom Infiltrator - (What r the Stats)
The Duc x 2 - (What r the Stats)
The Flood x 2 - (What r the Stats)
Molten kravvy Lyuda (inc) - (What r the Stats)
Double-Penetrating Potent Roisen’s Thorns (cor) - (What r the Stats)

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Oozing gratifying roisens thorns (cor)
1392 dmg
Anointed ase +50% cor dmg

Molten kravvy lyuda
Dmg 1037
+40% crit
871 dmg per sec at 11% chance

Spirited sonic boom infiltrator
Violent momentum +2
Supersonic man +2
Like a ghost +1
+30% grenade dmg
+20% shock resist
+50% torgue accuracy

The flood
Dmg 1149
Acc 38%
Handling 56%
Reload 2sec
Fire rate 11.55/s
Mag 8

The duc
Acc 63
Handling 54
Reload 1.5
Fire rate 10.50
Mag 4
Crit dmg +21%

The flood
1094 dmg
33 acc
56 handling
1.8 reload
11.55 fire rate
Mag 8
Crit dmg +10

Double pen roisens thorns (cor)
Dmg 964x2
Acc 62
Hand 55
Reload 2.2
Fire rate 1.82
Mag 6

The duc
Dmg 2181
Acc 63
Hand 56
Reload 1.5
Fire rate 10.50
Mag 4
+10% crit dmg
1.5x zoom

Just found
Improved re-router
9756 shield
3.2 delay
1214 recharge
Anointed ase +20% action skill cooldown rate

i have a snowdrift deathless

Thanx but i am after elemental projector deathless specifically …what are you after on my list?

Any of the Hex’s or the shredifier

I wont be on until tomorrow around 8pm or 9pm pst…if you still need will be happy to just send a few things to you

Cool, I’ll check back in then. I appreciate it

i would trade for the Dp Thorns you have

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Sure will be happy to mail it tonight



Pistol sent

You’re the best. Thank you very much!

Items sent

Spirited Sonic Boom Infiltrator
Next Day Jury-Rigged Shockerator

what are the stats on these?


What am in sending you, did you find anything you want on my posts for trades?

Gt - xCaliburxxx

You were sending elemental projector deathless and will get those stats shortly

GT please