Zone scaling question

So, I’m closing in on the end of Eden-6 and so far things have been scaling with me pretty well. Enemies in Voracious canopy and Floodmore basin stuff was roughly at my level (I’m level 33 atm)…

However, in Amber Mire enemies and quests are level 26-27. What’s up with that?

Is there a list of min-max level somewhere for zones in Borderlands 3 like there was for the previous games?


I am seeng the same thing on PS4. But unfortunatly I dont have an anser. It was supposed to sacale with us. Maybe it’s a bug.

No its not level scaling. Enemy levels are scaled with where you are in the story and what area you are exploring. Level scaling doesnt happen until after your finished with the story.

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Well, the game is unbalanced then. In the map “Splinterlands” which is quite a ways into the game, the missions and enemies are almost 10 levels below what I currently am. And that’s without farming, and running past quite a few enemies on some maps.

This is on Playthrough 1 mind you but still, this is a fairly large oversight on Gearbox’s part.


I noticed that when playing solo, enemies in areas that I had frequented at lower levels stayed at the level that I first encountered them, just like in BL2.

When in co-op cooperation mode, they scale to my level.

I haven’t played co-op coopetition mode (yet) to be able to tell what happens then.

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Yeah it’s pretty bad. Later on, to the end of the Carnivora map the enemies are 10 levels below me, then the second part of Carnivora they are back to my level.

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Does the level of the side missions also scale to your level in co-op mode?

I wouldn’t worry too much about side quests. The scaling only seems to take effect once you complete the main story. I finished the main story at like level 38, then all the side quests scaled up to my level, even the level 4 ones.

I haven’t paid particular attention of the enemy levels in co-op mode when in side missions.

I did get a lower level gun as a side mission reward - the side mission was available to me at level 12, when I did it later I was in someone else’s game and was a few levels higher, but the gun still dropped at level 12, but I can’t recall if the enemies were lower level or scaled to me.

Thx a million, will then push through the main story first and go back to the side missions afterwards when it scaled to my level.

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Exactly my point.

are you doing main quest only? youre supposed to be doing side quests as well so you dont fall behind in levels.

No I did every single quest I found before story quests, and it all went well until SPlinterlands then the quests and the enemies were 10 levels lower. It went baack up normal two maps later.

Same thing happened to me. When I played with my friend who was at the same level and spot the enemies in the Splinterlands became lvl 33-34. But if I got back solo they drop to 25-26 and the carnavora they were 27. Really killed enjoyment of the game.


Same for me, I did a 100% on every zone the main quest brought me and the level scaling was working really great but was screwed after Eden-6 when I had to go to carnivora… I felt like I’ve missed something when a story quest lvl 35 brought me in a lvl 26 area in pandora …

It happened to me after the ferocious canopy map. Ambermire was 5 levels lower and the Powder mill was 2 levels lower? Now I’m a bit of (not a total) completionist and solo player. And for me, it rather spoils the game and needs to be rectified as soon as!

This is exactly what happened to me. My character is level 33 and once I got to the part of the main story where I had to go to Carnivora, suddenly all the enemies in the game are around level 25-27.

Iv’e heard a lot of people say that its suppose to be this way, and they level scaling doesn’t occur until you finish the game.

But Honestly this isn’t right. I’m even having side quests that say they’re level 33 give me level 27 rewards.

I completed NVHM at Lv45 with my Amara. When I was going back through zones to complete map challenges I saw a lot of enemies that were still their original level. When I was clearing out The Droughts I was seeing Lv1-3 Skags, am I missing something or shouldn’t these be scaled to my level by now?

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It doesn’t scale to you in solo normal mode (unless you’re in a co-op game).

True Vault Hunter mode probably does. (not there yet though, don’t quote me).

Normal mode does not scale to your level unless you have mayhem mode activated. Co-op will also allow the enemies to scale to your level as well.