Zooming out for Melee

On the PS4, for melee characters, will there be a way you can zoom out? Sometimes its kind of hard to pay attention of your surroundings with everything right in your face attacking you. Just a thought. If you already answered this, I apologize.

Nope. You have to deal with the view you have. After playing a bit, you’ll get used to it.

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I believe what you are looking for is a FOV (Field of view) slider. Most PC games have this, but console versions typically don’t.

It’s just a matter of experience. Around 5 hours into the game with a melee character and you most probably be in a better spot than every ranged character.

i know it feels awkward and confusing from the start but you will get used with experience. try to reset fights and always have your eye on the minimap for location of enemy players.

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Is there a perfect sensitivity setting? I tend to stay with 11 with melee. Is it better to be slower with melee or?

also, its just when they move, I’m like, crap! Where they go and turning my character looking for them like I’m a noob. Scrolling out would help so much. I guess I’m not use to it yet.

I maxed out my sensitivity and I mained Phoebe the entire time I could. Honestly the FoV is fine to me and I do prefer moving quick if need be thats why my sensitivity is always max in games. I prefer faster some prefer slower but I feel for melee characters trying to keep up with everything would be to hard on a slower sensitivity. The big reason that melee characters don’t change FoV or to 3rd person as it would be to much of an advantage. peeking around corners and the such.

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Enemies don’t leave the mini-map immediately unless they stealth, so get used to glancing at it when you lose sight.

Got really used to doing this using Attikus, who’s pounce has a tendency to toss players in all directions.

Good idea, I’ll try to watch the mini map more often. Thanks.