Hi, I’m Lexi :slight_smile:

Never been a big gamer, let alone fps, but immediatly fell in love with the Borderlands series when I started playing it around two or three years ago.

When I was like level 10 with Lilith husband joined in with Roland and since then I played all the Borderlands games with almost all characters to max level (only didn’t play Roland, Brick and Wilhelm myself and didn’t finish Nisha so far).
Also got most of them to 0p10 already, except Axton (he’s next) and Gaige (I might ignore her)…

I main a pretty badass Maya and Krieg (Bloodlust Mania), who is also my overall favourite, character- and backgroundwise, followed by Zer0, whom I always liked, but just recently found that he works better for me with a sniper build instead of melee.

Favourites in TPS were Jack (Digi-Death) and Aurelia (Cryo-Queen).

I mostly play couch-coop with my husband, and I prefer casual mobbing to raid boss struggling - for that I have Sal :rofl:

I’m also an admin of Borderlands facebook group.

Oh, and of course I love Claptrap <3

Any questions, just ask.